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Health and wellbeing references


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​​​Customer story: Artificial Intelli­gence at the heart of wellbeing

AlvinOne is a mobile app that can predict and help prevent illnesses. The AlvinOne team shares a vision of empowering individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing.

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Promilless test

Customer story: New affordable, credit-card-size rapid test to see if you’re fit to drive

Goodwiller Oy's Promilless test strip revolutionises alcohol self-testing as it detects blood alcohol level from saliva.

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​​​Decision support for Neurodegene-rative Diseases (dementias, Parkinson)

VTT has an AI solution for faster medical image analysis and to detect risk in earlier phase.

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Decision support for outcome prediction and treatment in traumatic brain injury

VTT's AI solution integrates all possible data (images, annotations, signals, patient history) and visualises it intuitively to a clinician. An AI solution is used to plan hospital resources and to predict outcome.

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Doctor ​​​Decision support for prevention of adverse events in cardiovascular diseases

A modern research database together with advanced analytics and machine learning is combined in VTT’s solution which recognises electrophysiological mechanisms and helps identify high-risk patients.

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VTT Printed diagnostics

​​​Better diagnostics for neurological diseases

VTT spin-off Combinostics develops clinical diagnostics and data analysis solutions, which enable the more accurate diagnosis of neurological diseases.

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VTT Printed diagnostics

​​​Printed diagnostics

Orion Diagnostica and VTT jointly aided the transition from the old swab and reagent bottle-based methods of hygiene monitoring systems to a new-generation, fast and easy-to-use integrated test device which is produced by printing reagents on a textile.

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VTT Paper based assay device

​​​Paper based assay device

​VTT provided a prototype of printed paper based assay device relying on analyte recognition through enzymatic reactions.

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VTT Healthy and tasty seafood products

Healthy and tasty seafood products

VTT optimised the seafood product recipe by studying the effect of different ingredients and processing parameters on the taste and texture of the products.

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VTT Developing medical imaging equipment to diagnose skin cancer

​​​Developing medical imaging equipment to diagnose skin cancer

VTT provided silicon photonics technology which is based on 3 µm thick Si waveguides that form photonic integrated circuits on small Si chips. Commercial manufacturing was started via VTT Memsfab.

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VTT A new, healthy rye snack product

​​​A new, healthy rye snack product with high consumer acceptance

VTT introduced extrusion as a potential production technology, and helped Ruislandia choose the right type of equipment and start the new process.

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VTT Improvement of satiety-promoting properties

​​​Improvement of satiety-promoting properties

VTT tested the satiety properties and further developed the product by comparing raw materials and developing recipes and production methods.

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VTT Sustainable cosmetics from cloudberry cells

​​​Sustainable cosmetics from cloudberry cells

VTT established a single cell culture from a rare cloudberry plant enabling the sustainable production of bioactive compounds in controlled bioreactor environment.

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