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Solgrader - Potato Grower’s App


Customer: Solentum Solentum logo

 CHALLENGEVTT Solentum Solgrader

To improve harvests, growers need lot of data about their plantation and prevailing conditions. It often takes growers days to take measurements and enter data.


Solentum has developed a mobile application for complex measuring challenges and reliable data handling for quality control and process efficiency in precision farming for potato companies, retailers and processors. By means of a photo taken with the mobile phone, the length, width, and the measured weight per potato is calculated. Based on the entered data of the field, the expected yield is given. VTT contributed in developing the detection algorithm for the Solentum’s application.


Insights in the details of growing and processing potatoes will give growers advice on how to work more efficiently and can calculate how much volume is currently on the field. It is also useful for the companies that buy the potatoes, as it can help them determine more quickly whether the yields will be suitable.