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AI as central part of connectivity and cybersecurity


5G technology and intelligent network management


Communication systems are coming increasingly complex due to multi-technology integration (such as 5G terrestrial and satellite, edge computing) and tailored solutions for different industry verticals. This creates 1) challenges for deployment and management of networks and 2) new vulnerabilities from the security viewpoint

  • Use of AI technologies for intelligent network management and distributed data processing. Predictive operations in cognitive radios and networks.
  • Use of AI for fraud detection, anomaly detection, attack detection, detection unwanted data etc..
  • Network slicing and micro-segmentation area where VTT applying AI both from the connectivity and cybersecurity view
  • A secure connectivity system fulfilling the needs in a tailored way.
  • VTT’s solutions can be used by customer companies to develop cybersecure communication systems for future services e.g. in autonomous vehicles, media distribution and energy networks.