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5G-SAFE: Road safety enhancements enabled by 5G


  • Effectively operating and safe road network is an essential requirement for a modern society. EU has a vision of close to zero casualties in traffic by 2050.
  • The current technological transformation towards connected and increasingly autonomous vehicles can help in improving road safety and maintenance.
  • So far, the lack of sufficient communication media and scalable data processing solutions have hindered the wide-scale adoption of advanced vehicular services.
  • Intelligent connectivity and data aggregation solutions for vehicles, fleets, and sensors using current technologies (e.g. ITS-G5, LTE) and 5G enhancements.
  • Distributing the service architectures and data processing closer to the network edge (e.g. ETSI MEC) for scalability and low latencies.
  • Enhancing the situational awareness and intelligence of automated vehicles with novel services relying on sensor data and information from multiple vehicles and other sources.
  • Improvements to road safety and optimizing road maintenance (e.g. snowplowing, sanding, repairs) and logistics through local and focused information and alerts.
  • Enabling autonomous driving in diverse conditions via real-time and reliable transmission of safety critical control information.