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Validation and testing services to enable business growth


Customer: Tieto-Oskari Oy Tieto-Oskari logo


Tieto-Oskari Oy, developer and manufacturer of embedded electronic devices for different businesses, manufactures AKKE building monitoring solutions that can be used to give continuous data about the structural condition of the building. The data is provided by sensors installed in the construction. The system can be used to monitor e.g. danger of collapse. For their business expansion to Asia authorities required an independent validation of reliability and accuracy of their angle sensors.


VTT MIKES Metrology planned a method for the validation & reliability checking and performed testing of their angle sensors. The test results were traceable and internationally accepted.


With the impartial validation of their angle sensors used in AKKE building monitoring solution, Tieto-Oskari was able to grow their business in Asia with several successful deals.