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Strategic research partnership


Customer: PBL Brewing Laboratory is an enterprise owned by five Nordic malting and brewing companies


PBL aims to improve shareholders’ competitive edge through product and technology innovation.

 SOLUTIONRferences PBL ensured technological leadership

VTT is the strategic research partner of PBL. VTT helps PBL shareholders to improve production efficiency, product quality and sustainability in malt, beer and beverage production.

  • Improved microbiological risk management
  • Promoted efficiency and sustainability in the production chain
  • New tools for quality management
  • Access to multidisciplinary expertise and versatile pilot plant facilities
  • Access to national and international research network


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg VTT has been our strategic research partner since 1959. They keep us up to date with the newest developments in science, which ensures our position as technology pioneers.

Rauno Sillanpää, Chairman of the Board