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Seamless and transparent R&D service network of SME


​Customer: Defour Oy


Defour’s goal was to offer seamless R&D services to different end-customers from an idea to a product. The end-customers’ R&D projects require: integration of knowledge within network, commitment of all network actors, methods to describe together the concept of network’s solution both to end customer and to other network actors.

  • Configuration of networked operation model in order to support different R&D services.
  • Definition of network level joint service process. Implementation of new tools for describing the functionalities of the product concept and for analysing its’ dependability.
  • Description of the network actor’s different roles (strategic partners, key suppliers, and sub-contractors).
  • Creation of key criteria to evaluation of different network actors.
  • Finding new methods and tools appropriate for SME’s to manage network’s joint integrated solutions
  • Improving efficiency R&D process by implementing new ways to describe the functionalities of the product concept and configuring network’s shared understanding about the solution to be developed
  • Offering more suitable, seamless, and transparently integrated solutions to network’s end customers from idea to manufacturing