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Davinor Enhancing quality assurance with calibration transfer standard


Customer: Davinor OyDavinor logo


Davinor meat packagingDavinor Oy, testing and measurement equipment manufacturer based in Finland, needed daily calibration transfer standard for the use of its foil thickness measurement instrument. These measurement instruments are mainly used by plastic foil manufacturers for the quality assurance of thicknesses of foils with multiple layers. This kind of foils are often used e.g. to protect various grocery products.


Davinor and VTT MIKES Metrology designed a suitable transfer standard and VTT MIKES developed a new method, that allowed accurate calibration of the transfer standard.


With this transfer standard solution, Davinor got better traceability for their measurement instruments. For their customers Davinor can now offer reliable method for the daily calibration of layer thickness instruments, which has huge impact on their process efficiency and quality assurance.