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Testing new renewable diesel fuel


References UPM Verified suitability for all diesel enginesCustomer: UPM


UPM has developed a new renewable diesel fuel UPM BioVerno. Before entering the market, intensive testing is required to ensure functionality of the novel fuel.

  • VTT planned and executed a 7-month on-road field-test with UPM BioVerno, using a fleet of Volkswagen cars provided by VV-Auto Group.
  • The fleet tests focused on the effects of UPM’s renewable diesel on engine power and exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, as well as overall functionality and driveability.

 A turn-key solution for a customer without own basic expertise.


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg With the expertise of VTT, UPM was able to verify that their new renewable diesel fuel is well-suited for all diesel vehicles and wide commercialisation.

Marko Snellman, Commercial Manager, Biofuels, UPM-Kymmene Oyj