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High quality xylose from pulp


References Danisco XyloseCustomer: Danisco Sweeteners (a DuPont company)


Extract xylan from pulp, with the aim of producing xylose and xylo-oligosaccharides.


VTT provided pilot facilities and expertise for xylan extraction, developed analytical methods for analysing xylo-oligosaccharides, provided data for the techno-economical evaluation, and conducted a lifecycle analysis.

  • Proven viability of a promising raw material source for xylose
  • Development of a better understanding for optimising the hydrolysis process


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg VTT gave us access to a promising raw material source with high purity for our own piloting. With the help of VTT’s experts and competence we also gained a deeper under-standing for optimising our hydrolysis process.

Hannu Koivikko, Danisco Sweeteners