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Gasification-based waste-to-energy power plant


Customer: Lahti Energia Oy


Convert solid recovered fuel (SRF) to energy by means of advanced gasification technology.


VTT has researched and developed gasification together with Lahti Energia. With VTT’s support the company is able to convert 250,000 metric tons of SRF to electricity and heat on an annual basis, generating 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of heat.

  • High electricity production efficiency and overall efficiency (power and heat)
  • Significant reduction of fossil fuel use and net CO2 emissions


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg VTT was one of our key gasification project partners in the ‘90s, and we continue to rely on their expertise in building our new gasification-based WtE plant projects.

Jukka Manskinen , Production director, Lahti Energia Oy