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Adapting coal power plants for flex-fuel use


References Valmet 100 % conversion from coal to renewable fuelsCustomer: Valmet Power Oy


Maximise the use of low quality, low cost fuels like agro biomass.


VTT undertook experimental trials in a pulverised coal-fired boiler that had been retrofitted into a fluidised bed boiler. Two entire 100 MW pulverised coal units were transformed into 75 MW fuel-flexible biomass-fired units for approximately one third the cost of building new units.

  • Decarbonisation of existing coal power plants has been proven both feasible and economical
  • Harness an existing waste stream (sunflower husks) to produce power


lainausmerkki_kork_250pix.jpg Thanks to VTT’s contribution we have managed to push the limits in fuel flexibility while being able to give operational guarantees.

Jaani Silvennoinen, Manager, Plant and process solutions, Valmet Power Oy