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Bioeconomy references


Controlling delamination during printing

​​​Controlling delamination during printing

​VTT developed an equipment for practical, fast internal strength measurement methodology to predict delamination tendency.

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Forest handshake

Reviving a forestry industry

VTT developed grounded pathways for the renewal of the industry in the short and long term through a roadmap exercise.

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VTT Intelligent lighting control system using ToF depth cameras

​​​Solgrader - Potato Grower’s App

Solentum has developed a mobile application for complex measuring challenges and reliable data handling for quality control and process efficiency in precision potato farming.

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Birch leaves

​​​Potential of nanocellulose in paper production

VTT demonstrated the potential of nanocellulose in paper production in realistic process conditions. ​Nanocellulose increases paper tensile strength while allowing a reduction in base material weight.

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Bio oil

​​​Integrated fast pyrolysis bio oil production plant

VTT’s patented process integrates a fluidized-bed boiler with pyrolysis. Produced in this way, bio-oil is more cost-efficient than when produced in a separate pyrolysis process.

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biocide in paper industry processes

Formulation for controlled delivery of biocide in paper industry processes

VTT developed new biocide delivery formulation, wherein polymeric micelle carriers protect biocidal active agents from degradation, while delivered to the targeted surfaces in industrial processes.

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test tube ethanol

Novel bacterial strain for ethanol production

The result was a 60-fold improvement in ethanol production and the cooperation set the groundwork for commercialisation of the lignocellulosic ethanol production process.

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Improved host for bioplastic production

VTT engineered a yeast strain for more efficient conversion of plant materials to lactic acid.

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waste-to-energy power plant

Gasification-based waste-to-energy power plant

VTT has researched and developed gasification together with Lahti Energia. With VTT’s support the company is able to convert 250,000 metric tons of SRF to electricity and heat on an annual basis, generating 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of heat.

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bio fuel

Forest biomass to liquid transportation fuels

VTT carried out R&D activities in the area of gasification, gas filtration and the reforming of tars and hydrocarbon gases. We also brought our significant expertise in gasification and gas cleaning to bear.

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renewable diesel fuel

​​​Testing new renewable diesel fuel

VTT tested UPM's new renewable diesel fuel before it entered the market to ensure functionality of the novel fuel.

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VTT References Mascoma

​​​More efficient biomass-to-ethanol production

VTT engineered a yeast strain capable of consolidated bioprocessing (CBP). This significantly reduced the need for external enzymes, improving the economics of ethanol production.

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VTT References AB Enzymes Roal

Improved biomass-to-sugar enzymes

VTT evaluated candidate enzymes, developed optimised enzyme mixtures for a range of feedstocks, and improved the properties of mixture components via protein engineering.

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power outage

Validation of safe fuel mixture for power plant

VTT fed different proportions of sawdust and pulverised forest residue mixed with various types of coal into the plant’s boiler and mapped the effects of the blends in different operational situations.

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CFD modeling

CFD modelling yields lean gas burner

VTT used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to support the design of the burner, optimising its performance.

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sunflower oil

​​​Adapting coal power plants for flex-fuel use

VTT undertook experimental trials in a pulverised coal-fired boiler that had been retrofitted into a fluidised bed boiler.

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key hole

Reduced energy consumption by advanced process simulation

VTT developed a tool that models chemical reactions and phase changes in a rotary kiln, as well as their thermal and energy balances.

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VTT eco friendly kitchen

​​​Pioneering an eco-friendly kitchen with biocomposites

VTT developed biocomposite alternatives for kitchen furniture and conducted proof of concept tests.

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test tubes

​​​Solutions for disposal and treatment of mine waste

VTT characterized mine wastes in order to define proper final disposal conditions, and implemented measurement techniques for air emissions.

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paper rolls

Significant cost savings with advanced process analysis

VTT installed instruments to complement the mill's fixed instruments and monitored the water cycles, revealing the causes of the fluctuations.

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​​​Bioethanol from fibre proof of concept

VTT developed the process concept and optimised the enzyme mixture for hydrolysis at laboratory scale and 1000-litre scale.

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VTT xylose

High quality xylose from pulp

VTT provided pilot facilities and expertise for xylan extraction, developed analytical methods for analysing xylo-oligosaccharides, provided data for the techno-economical evaluation, and conducted a lifecycle analysis.

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Oil pump

​​​Microbial biofilms in oil-field applications

​VTT provided biofilm model systems for true anaerobic microbes and developed novel molecular tools for microbial community profiling.

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wood grain

​​​Weather and mould resistance improvement

VTT developed biocomposite alternatives for kitchen furniture and conducted proof of concept tests.

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recycled plastic Origo keychain

​​​A cinderella story: plastic waste turned into design products

Even though plastic collected with mixed waste can be used for energy production, recycling it as material would be a more desirable alternative in terms of the environment and material economy.

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