Wood-based diesel hits the road


In the spring of 2013, UPM, VTT and VV-Auto Group began the first field tests of wood-based renewable diesel. The biofuel is produced by UPM, fleet tests run by VTT and the cars provided by VV-Auto Group.

UPM BioVerno diesel has previously been studied in short-duration engine and vehicle tests conducted by VTT and others. The field tests are carried out to determine the longer-term effects of UPM's renewable diesel on the car's engine, emissions and fuel consumption.

The field tests are a part of a larger project coordinated by VTT. The goal of this project is to encourage companies to commercialise renewable energy solutions for transport.

The car chosen for the tests is the Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI equipped with DSG automatic transmission.

VTT's experienced test drivers drive UPM BioVerno cars mostly within the Helsinki metropolitan area and collect data for analysis over a distance of approximately 20,000 kilometres.

A long-duration material test involving fuel system specific materials is also part of the project to ensure compatibility of the fuel with cars and refuelling equipment.

UPM's renewable diesel, known as UPM BioVerno, is an innovation that will reduce traffic-induced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.

This high-quality biofuel is produced from forest industry residues, and excludes materials that would otherwise be available for food production. UPM BioVerno is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles.

In 2012, UPM began construction in Lappeenranta of the first biorefinery in the world to produce wood-based renewable diesel. Due for completion in 2014, the refinery's annual production capacity will be 100,000 tonnes, equating to 120 million litres of renewable diesel.

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