VTT spin-off commercialises security screening technology


Asqella Ltd, a spin-off of VTT, is in the process of commercialising revolutionary passive THz imaging technology capable of remote detection of concealed items. The company has received nearly one million euros in funding from business angels, VTT Ventures Ltd and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

The company sees substantial demand for the new high-throughput screening applications in areas such as loss prevention, event security, and security in public places. The absence of radiation means there are no health concerns in using the product. The financing will catalyse product development and help in building the routes to market.

The product provides the customer with an absolutely safe capability for detecting concealed items on moving subjects at a stand-off range of between 5 and 15 metres. The system is passive, neither irradiating the person subject to screening nor revealing anatomical details.

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