Keeping images mobile with InTouch


VTT has developed a technology whereby a ring, artificial fingernail or wristband acts as a user interface, allowing files to be transferred directly from one screen to another by touch. The new technical solution is the first step towards the interactivity of various objects and jewellery through a cloud service.

The solution developed by VTT allows files to be received, sent and shared more easily than before. You can touch a file on one screen, for example, with an add-on fingernail and transfer it through the nail to your friend's cellphone. This emphasises intuitiveness and interactivity. Consumers will find the new InTouch user interfaces easy to use and interoperable in the world of digital devices and objects.

The new concept also enables entirely new kinds of interactive devices and product categories and generations, giving rise to new business opportunities. Areas of application might include digital devices, cars, the manufacturing industry, logistics and health care. A patent application has been submitted.

The bulk of data transfer between devices is currently handled using memory sticks, short-range point-to-point connections (Bluetooth, for example) or the cloud (sharing services). 

The InTouch user interface operates with touch screens and conforms to the NFC standard. InTouch allows file transfer either directly or via a cloud service. Security and privacy are retained through the integrated security functionality.

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