Self-care with a smartphone


The Oiva smartphone intervention programme, developed by VTT and the University of Jyväskylä, alleviates stress and improves the quality of life. Electrical aids also assist in the care of diabetes patients.

The Oiva intervention programme is designed for use on smartphones and based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that has proven effective in cases of work stress and depression. Oiva is the first smartphone application to be based on ACT. The 46 exercises in Oiva are selected from ACT programmes and modified so that most last just 2–3 minutes and fit easily into the daily routine.

Oiva's methods target improved mental well-being, and are therefore widely applicable, for example in alleviating symptoms of stress, mild depression or anxiety, or difficulty in sleeping, and for effecting changes in exercise or eating habits. The programme offers its users four intervention modules or 'paths' that teach awareness, acceptance of thoughts, recognition of personal values, and skills relating to physical activity and relaxation. Users can either read or listen to the exercises.

Oiva's specification benefited from VTT's expertise in mobile and wellness technologies. VTT led the design of the user interface and implemented the application, and is also responsible for research on user experience. The University of Jyväskylä's Department of Psychology is responsible for research into the application's impact on psychological well-being.

Sipoo Health Centre has experienced good results under the Care4Me project with regard to self-care among patients with Type 2 diabetes, in which VTT led research into self-care assisted by electrical aids. Patients took measurements at home and used their mobile phones to enter the results in the patient record system. Self-care and monitoring appears to work well for patients with access to professional help, an electronic self-care account, automatic reminders and a mobile phone.

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