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Intelligent Energy Systems and Smart Cities, Ingrid+




The global challenge of energy systems and cities is to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint at the same time ensuring business continuity and keeping the cities attractive. Our energy system is in transition, which requires continuous adaptation but also offers fully new possibilities. Disruptive approaches on city and energy systems are needed to find new solutions across traditional boundaries, resulting in benefits for whole society. Ingrid+ Innovation program will address these challenges and provide solutions to cities, developers, energy companies and system integrators.

​Ingrid+ has three modules, namely:

  • Module 1 Smart energy systems,
  • Module 2 Energy efficient smart cities
  • Module 3. ICT for Smart Energy and Cities

Ingrid+ focus

  • Ingrid+ has following main areas for research focus:
  • Future energy system analyses
  • Energy data management and utilization
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Integrated low carbon energy network control and management solutions
  • Smart energy concepts
  • Urban landscape analyses
  • Energy efficient urban renewal 

Ingrid+ Innovation program includes the whole innovation chain from scientifically focused close to basic research and up to client focused solution oriented product development projects.

Ingrid+ applies a multidisciplinary approach combining energy system and built environment innovations with latest developments of enabling technologies such as sensoring, data management or communication.

 Ingrid+ Enabling solutions for future energy systems and smart cities​