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Earlier spearhead and innovation programmes


VTT's spearhead programmes 2015

Bioeconomy Transformation

2013 -

Productivity with Internet of Things

2013 -

Programme Manager Kristiina Kruus

​Programme Manager Heikki Ailisto
Smart Mobility Integrated with Low-carbon Energy

2013 -
For Industry

2015 -
Programme Manager Nils-Olof Nylund ​Programme Manager Risto Kuivanen


VTT's innovation programmes 2015

Intelligent Energy Systems and Cities

2011 -
Critical Technologies Towards 5G

2011 -

Programme Manager Miimu Airaksinen

​Programme Manager Mika Lasanen

Safe and Sustainable Nuclear Energy

2013 -
Mineral Economy

2014 -

Programme Manager Eija Karita Puska

​Programme Manager Olli Salmi



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