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Technology value is measured through results and impact

What can innovations bring to productivity, growth or renewal?

We evaluate the success of our scientific knowledge, our expertise and our research especially with competitiveness, growth and the customer in mind. Customer feedback guides us in developing our operations.

We also evaluate our R&D cooperations in how they improve export and SME operations. VTT's involvement and innovations can directly increase company growth and competitiveness.

This results in new companies, new jobs and an increase in wellbeing and economy.

VTT for Finland's future - five value propositions

  • Prosperity from  natural resources 
  • Self-sufficiency with clean energy systems
  • Competitivity from renewing industry
  • Smart communities – good connections and smooth everyday life
  • Finland on top of the progressing digital disruption

VTT creates business from technology

By creating and applying new technology VTT improves the competitiveness of products and services and promotes the creation of new businesses. VTT can help its customers and co-operation partners at all stages of the innovation process providing services from technology foresight to product development, concept development, commercialisation, testing and venturing. VTT improves the productivity of R&D activities by developing and helping to speed up the innovation process.

VTT is an integral part of Finland's innovation system

 VTT helps to strengthen cutting-edge research in technology centres and promotes co-operation in the global innovation network. VTT boosts regional innovative activity and thereby creates wellbeing and new competitiveness. By creating science-based innovations VTT promotes confidence in the benefits of innovative activity.

VTT creates wellbeing in the society

Through the generation of new business opportunities based on new and improved products and processes VTT helps to create new jobs and wellbeing and enhance safety and security of our living environment. VTT promotes the development of industries and public services as well as norms and standards and provides a sound knowledge base that can be utilised in social and political decision-making.

VTT has created solutions worth hundreds of millions that help our customers and the society improve productiveness and wellbeing.

VTT's impacts on growth, employment and wellbeing come about mainly through the improvements of VTT customers' competitiveness. VTT's activities have proven positive impacts on business enterprises, the innovation environment and the society.

Finland R&D Expenditure VTT Innovation Role in competitiveness 


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