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Our work generates significant growth initiatives and new market opportunities. These impact stories provide a long-term perspective to economic renewal and growth and illustrate our contribution in it. 

Food 4.0: VTT leads the way to an era of smart food production 

​By 2050, we need 60% more food. How to feed everybody without increasing carbon dioxide emissions? By making the most of nature’s resources we can also promote people’s health and well-being. VTT shows the way and presents four solutions. Read more about the Food 4.0 era and about VTT's four solutions for smart food production >


This is how we change the world

 Read more about autonomous systems >

We have developed a technology that will change the way we see and creates a sixth sense for humanity. It’s hyper-spectral imaging. Read more about hyperspectral imaging >

VTT’s innovation, cellulose-based material, beats plastics in all properties – without the consumer having to compromise ease of use. Read more about cellulose-based materials >


We have taken part in the industrial revolution that enables flexible intelligent applications in different shapes – a wild vision from 20 years ago is true today. Read more about industrialising printed intelligence >