The Quantum Advantage

In these videos, we will show how quantum computing will change the nature of business. Find out how you can transform your business to be ready for quantum advantage!

Episode 3: Superconductive hardware that make quantum computing possible​

In this episode, we'll look at some of the building blocks of quantum computers.​

These include: ​

  • SQUIDs which can be used to make qubits​
  • Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifiers which are needed to read the signals from qubits​
  • Single photon detectors for silicon photonic quantum computers that help convert qubit data to optical data, which is needed for transmitting qubit information over longer distances.​

Join VTT's leading quantum experts for an introduction to some of the hardware needed to make quantum computers!​

Episode 2: Quantum Computing and the Pharmaceutical Industry

In this episode, we'll look at how quantum computing can benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

The research and development of new pharmaceutical drugs includes many optimization steps. Will the drug molecule have the desired mechanism of action? How safe and soluble is the molecule? What is the right dosage?​

Quantum computers can predict, simulate and optimize the properties of potential drug molecules better than classical computers. Much of this optimization currently takes place through brute-force trial and error.​

Join VTT's leading quantum experts as they explore how quantum computing can speed up the R&D process in pharma, reduce the costs and create new opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.​

Episode 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing

In this episode, you'll get a crash course on quantum computers.

Quantum computers can speed up solving certain problems, and in the most interesting cases, the speedup will be mind-boggling. But quantum computing is not just about speed: it's a fundamentally new way of harnessing nature to do computation.

Join host Dr. Deborah Berebichez, Lead Scientist in Quantum Computing at VTT as she explores how quantum computing is going to solve important and complex problems – and impact existing businesses while creating new ones.

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Preparing for quantum today will define the business advantage of the future. At VTT we support our customers with:​

  • Quantum foresight: we help you understand how quantum will transform your business landscape.
  • Quantum computing and software: we explore the business opportunities in the quantum space with our strategic partners, and identify together which industry-specific problems to tackle with quantum computing.
  • Quantum hardware: we are a forerunner in providing components, submodules and subsystems for quantum applications with decades of unique expertise in superconductive technologies under our belt.

Want to know what quantum can offer for your company? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Piia Konstari
Piia Konstari
Lead, Microelectronics and Quantum Technology

Piia Konstari helps companies interested in quantum technologies and microelectronics to find relevant cooperation possibilities together with VTT.

Pekka Pursula
Pekka Pursula
Research Manager, Microelectronics and Quantum Technology

Pekka Pursula oversees VTT's quantum technology development and actively drives quantum technology initiatives in Finland.