Systems engineering

Engineering and designing complex solutions make a challenging puzzle of engineering skills, working processes, data and information and other aspects. Our expertise in demanding engineering combined with overall systems engineering process knowledge provides a great asset to help our customers.

Key facts: systems engineering

In solving detailed challenges or improving the overall process

A discipline to manage the complexity in design and engineering process

Used in i.e. nuclear energy sector, built environment and mechanical industries

Design and engineering affect us in our daily lives, whether we are using cellular phones or driving passenger cars. Large amount of design and engineering work is required to enable these everyday products. More design and engineering is also needed to build the factories as well as plants to manufacture and produce them. Design and engineering are the main enablers of our modern commodities, but also our critical infrastructure. Our ability to design complex systems and products is one of the building blocks of our economic wellbeing and prosperity.


  • 51% of the exports of Finland comes from the technology sector.
  • Up to 70% of the R&D investments in Finland are done in the technology sector.
  • The technology sector employs almost 315 000 people in Finland.
Finland to be the leading country in AI-assisted engineering design and smart design methods in Europe by 2025.

Systems Engineering is a discipline to manage all the complexity in design and engineering process. The complexity may come from technology or physical phenomena involved in the solution, or it may come from the people and organisations implementing the process. It may be caused by the amount and form of data and information involved, or it may be caused by the schedule. Often it is a combination of these and other aspects together that makes the process complex and difficult to manage.

We are experts in Systems Engineering

VTT has expertise in Systems Engineering, in solving detailed challenges or improving the overall process. We help our customers in many industry domains and in numerous technologies and disciplines. We work together with nuclear energy sector, built environment and mechanical industries, among others. We provide support to both companies as well as authorities in engineering and design challenges, and in requirements compliance.  

We also have deep expertise in many challenging engineering topics, such as materials design, structural dynamics, noise and vibration and flow phenomena. VTT is a natural research and development partner to help its customers to success in their design and engineering tasks and business.

We help our customers in their Systems Engineering challenges

VTT collaborates with customers either one-on-one only for a certain assignment or gathers a consortium to solve a common challenge. One of VTT’s expertise areas is to connect with the best of the best to promote on working with the same subject and help in getting public funding.

Markku Kivinen

Markku Kivinen

Solution Sales Lead