Mobile networks

Mobile network traffic and diversification of use of wireless and mobile networks continues to grow. This requires the development of new network and service solutions such as beyond 5G functionalities and convergence of networks, e.g. terrestrial and satellite network integration.

Key facts: mobile networks

We focus on dependable connectivity for future autonomous/ automated systems and smart networks.

We do analytical research, simulations and proof-of-concept implementation to verify novel solutions.

We provide a test network as a service for system, application and service testing and vertical use case demonstration/validation.

Communication networks, such as mobile networks and fixed networks, are fundamental enablers of our modern society. The use of wireless communication networks has increased drastically as well as the diversity of use cases varying from broadband Internet services to mission critical industrial and authority use.  

The annual growth of mobile network traffic is expected to continue. For example, total mobile network data traffic is expected to reach 131 exabytes per month by the end of 2024 (Ericsson 2019), including especially video, social media and machine-to-machine data. Big expectations have been set for 5G to solve the connectivity challenges faced by new services and applications. Both the diversity of communication network landscape and the complexity of systems of communication systems have increased. These create huge challenges especially to network planning and resource management in order to uphold the quality of used services, communication robustness and network security.  

Mobile traffic is expected to grow by 30% annually between 2018 and 2024

VTT researches and develops novel connectivity solutions that overcome the efficient and sustainable communications challenges in a resource limited heterogeneous network environments, and designs qualitatively better communication networks than are currently available. 

Excellence in 5G and Beyond Networks

With over 30 years of experience in working with major mobile and cellular network, device and component manufacturers, VTT has gained broad knowledge and competences in cyber-resilient mobile network design and building, configuration, optimisation, and testing services.  

VTT’s testing services include world class in-house prototyping and testing facilities, such as the 5GTNF (5G Test Network Finland) proprietary testbed for 5G technologies and pre-commercial services testing. VTT has been involved in the development of cellular radio systems from 3G onwards and mobile network technologies with references available in all major public forums and publications, e.g. IEEE. 

Providing sustainable connectivity solutions for vertical industries

Our aim is to provide novel sustainable communication and network solutions and architectures for managing the expanding network capacity, service quality and security needs. We consider all OSI layers for different application use cases such as automotive, Industry 4.0, media distribution and different mission-critical communication infrastructures, including satellite-terrestrial integration.  

Through our different 5G projects, we have wide collaboration especially inside EU and with Japan and China.

Tuomas Korpela

Tuomas Korpela

Solution Sales Lead
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