Metrology research services

The science of measurement, metrology, is not only a key enabling tool for fundamental research but it has a significant role in all areas of human life, also. This is because accurate measurements are crucial for science, industry, policy and everyday life from consumer protection, trade and production to areas such as energy, environment, security and health.

Key facts

Our specialty is that traceability is taken into consideration already in the design stage of measuring devices.

R&D services for designing measuring devices, constructing prototypes, instrument testing and validation.

Our fields of know-how in R&D include electronics, laser, mechanics and software design as well as design of sensor and cryotechnical systems.

The European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) activities were launched to coordinate European R&D in metrology. It aims to develop new measurement capabilities that have strategic impact for Europe, with the overall goal of accelerating innovation, competitiveness and the uptake of research outputs. EMPIR enables European metrology institutes, industrial or­ga­nisations and academia to collaborate on joint re­search projects to address so-called Grand Challenges in areas of energy, environment and health as well as perform leading-edge research associated with the international measurement units. The duration of the programme is 10 years with a total budget of 600 M€.

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Kaj Nummila

Kaj Nummila

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