Metrology expert services

​We offer metrology services for industry, companies, research institutes and universities. Reliable and accurate measurement results provided by MIKES increase the efficiency and competitiveness of industrial production, they enable public research institutes to deliver accurate results to administration and they improve transparency and comparability of research results. Solutions are tailored to the customers’ needs and our measurement services are performed quickly and cost-effectively.

Key facts

R&D services for designing measuring devices, constructing prototypes, instrument testing and validation

Our specialty is that traceability is taken into consideration already in the design stage of measuring devices

Our fields of know-how in R&D include electronics, laser, mechanics and software design as well as design of sensor and cryotechnical systems

VTT MIKES offers targeted services for special needs of research and industry

MIKES precision measurements at industrial sites

In industry, there are various devices, which cannot be transferred for calibration due to their size, precision or other property. MIKES carries out traceable on-site calibrations and measurements of measuring devices and equipment. Traceability means an unbroken chain of comparisons, all having stated uncertainties. This ensures that a measurement result or the value of a standard is related to references at the higher levels, ending at the primary standard. MIKES calibrates on-site e.g. different measuring devices of length, force and torque as well as of electrical quantities.

Assuring precision of machine tools

Demands of production and quality systems require knowledge on the precision of machine tools. Different measurements are performed on machine tools during e.g. acceptance inspection. The most important measurements are spindle run out, the parallelism between the spindle and the machine, perpendicularity measurements, and straightness and perpendicularity measurements of machine movements. Additionally, machine-tooling tests are used to find out the precision of the machine in operation.

Evaluation of measurement system with RR-tests

RR tests are internationally accepted test measurements of a specified form. The name RR stands for repeatability and reproducibility. As its name implies, RR test reflects the magnitude of stochastic errors in measurements. RR test reveals the variance ("uncertainty") of the measuring system by using simple experimental measurement setup. The test helps to find out if a measuring device or a process is good enough to measure if given tolerances are satisfied, and if a possible fault is caused by the measurer or the measuring device.

Take care of your traceability chain – plan, act, calibrate!

Creating a calibration system for a company is a cooperation project, where MIKES can offer assist and training services. During a project, items, e.g. which instruments should be included in the calibration program, realisation of traceability, needed level of uncertainty, needed calibration instructions as well as other quality documentation and their maintenance need to be decided and clarified.

Liable measurements need measurement uncertainty

MIKES is offering training and consultation services for measurement uncertainty evaluations. Participants will learn basics about measurement uncertainty evaluation and will get ideas how to apply these methods into their own cases. Tailored training courses corresponding to the customer needs are offered, too. These concentrate to customers cases with their initial information. Scope and contents are always agreed with customer. Also plain measurement uncertainty calculation services are available.

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