Digitalisation tools

Digitalisation enhances internal efficiency, exploits new technologies in products and services and finds disruptive innovations solving the grand challenges of the industry.

Key facts

Tools and expertise to identify most beneficial digitalisation challenges and to provide tailored solutions enabled by deep ICT 

The evaluation of how new technologies could be introduced to the organisation

AI maturity self-assessment web tool helps organisations improve in utilisation of AI

Digitalisation has transformative potential to increase competitiveness and efficiency in most industries. The key challenge of digitalisation lies in agile integration of ICT technologies to specific industry needs and cultural maturity to accept new methods and ways of working. 

Challenges when investing in digitalisation 

Digitalisation entails redesign of processes by integrating ICT (e.g. big data, AI and sensors), robotics production and service environments. To keep the competitive edge, companies need to invest to digitalisation and preferably faster than the competitors do.  

There is a plethora of technologies and solutions available, but it is often hard to evaluate whether these really would improve productivity or operational quality. Companies lack resources or time to do such evaluation, and organisations are in different phases in their ability to digest new technologies and business models. 

Major improvements require also rethinking of the business models and value creation of the whole business ecosystem. Participation in innovation ecosystems ensure that companies are introduced to latest technologies and can test them in safe environments with the research community. 

Major challenge is to choose the right technologies and solutions that bring benefits with low investment risk.

VTT offers practical help  

VTT provides a unique combination of cross-disciplinary expertise to identify digitalisation challenges most beneficial for the customers and to provide tailored solutions enabled by deep ICT and industrial domain expertise.  

Our set of tools enables the evaluation of how new technologies could be introduced to the organisation. AI maturity and Robotic process automation deployment tools help to identify how these technologies could make a difference in an organisation. Foresight radar helps to find radical innovations and gives a roadmap to follow in digitalisation.  

We at VTT support and consult our customers to go through the process to actual deployment with our partner companies. As an example, ABB is utilising AI and gamification in resourcing of their production in 2020. 

Sharing data 

When business creates data, it also wants to explore possibilities to create new revenue. VTT is one of the hubs that provide International Data Spaces IDS - a data sharing platform to share, control and manage the data when utilising it with third parties. We help to implement it and bring our customers the international data sharing community with major companies worldwide.  

Resourcing employees is traditionally a challenge in most labor-intensive industries. AI foreman utilises deep learning to create suggestions for everyday resourcing, which frees human supervisors to more productive tasks. We are also experienced in analysing production process data to find anomalies, which can be automated and learnt with AI technology. In digital service engineering we are able to help our customers to plan and implement the best data-based digital services for their needs, which will also be compatible with any information system.  

VTT solutions increase companies’ competitiveness by improving productivity, quality, flexibility and response-times. We are also experienced in creating innovation ecosystems for company, research and small enterprise collaboration in manufacturing and process industry.

Help for digitalisation

How prepared is your organisation for digital transformation and the use of AI? The mission of ApuaDigiin (FI) is to help companies make a systematic and controlled transition to digital solutions that takes into account the risks, opportunities and current state of the company, so that digitalisation becomes a natural part of the company's operations. With the help of our digital transformation model tools, you can find out your company's capabilities, current status and plan change for your company.


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