Visitor guidelines at VTT premises


Welcome to VTT! As the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, we kindly ask you to read these guidelines before your visit, as we want to do our best to protect the health of our personnel and visitors.

  1. We organise our meetings mainly virtually for the time being. If we plan to meet in VTT premises, please, visit us only if you feel healthy. If you have any flu-like symptoms, let’s meet virtually.
  2. VTT follows the instructions given by the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL) about quarantines after arriving in Finland. Please, see the THL website for more information.
  3. Follow the instructions given in our premises: for example, the directions marked on exterior doors and narrow aisles. We VTTers guide you whenever needed!
  4. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser as soon as possible after you have arrived to us. Thank you.
  5. We keep a safety distance of 2 meters. We have removed extra seats and desks from our meeting rooms to guarantee safety distances and the safe use of our premises.
  6. If possible, please use a face mask when you visit us. Masks are available from our lobby services.
  7. We are sorry to inform you that due to the pandemic, we are not able to serve any coffee or other refreshments in meetings. Let’s enjoy those later.
  8. The meeting host at VTT is responsible for cleaning the surfaces after the meeting. That’s why we always leave a 15 min break between meeting reservations.

If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to turn to your VTT contact person. Let’s stay in touch.