Machines and vehicles


Halving emissions from transport calls for more environmentally friendly cars and fuels. VTT helps with the pursuit of climate targets by innovating alternative solutions.

According to Finland’s National Energy and Climate Strategy, emissions from transport need to be cut by as much as 50 per cent by 2030. The target must be attacked from all angles – by introducing not only electric cars and hybrid vehicles but also better and greener fuels. The rapid deployment of renewable diesel and biogas requires a more extensive supply and distribution network. New financing options are needed to lower the average age of vehicles in Finland and new MaaS solutions to discourage driving.

VTT has unrivalled research instruments and infrastructure for studying machinery and vehicles.

VTT has unrivalled research and innovation expertise as well as instruments and infrastructure for developing innovations relating to vehicles and machinery and for improving existing equipment. We also have a long history in studying alternative and renewable fuels.

Our research is aimed at lowering energy consumption and harmful environmental impacts, and it focuses on the characterisation of engine and vehicle performance and emissions. Our research facilities and equipment can be used to measure the energy consumption and emissions of both vehicles and engines.

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Heikki Rajasalo
Heikki Rajasalo
Solution Sales Lead