Digitalisation is shaking up the retail sector, as we will soon run into smart products everywhere. VTT’s innovations include OnTrack, which measures shopping intentions.

Digitalisation is a megatrend that affects the retail sector in countless ways. Focused on future challenges, VTT is involved in creating innovations for the retail sector. Our references include, for example, store spaces able to react in real-time to shopper behaviour, energy efficient stores and new service concepts.

OnTrack complements the retail analytics data sources providing in real-time measured data on brick-and-mortar shopper behaviour similar to web analytics tools.

Our inventions also include OnTrack, which can be used to measure the shopping intentions of shoppers in-store without compromising their privacy. OnTrack takes advantage of the 3D data produced by depth cameras, which can be used to analyse what is happening in the store. This provides accurate data on shopper behaviour and product-specific attention similarly to web analytics. By utilising the information collected, retailers can improve the shopper experience, the efficiency of store operations and increase brand appeal. Information provided by OnTrack complements the retail analytics data sources with a real-time access to measured data on brick-and-mortar shopper behaviour. In the future, we are aiming at solutions able to measure also the shopper experience.

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