A child wearing a backpack is standing outside their front door opening up the lock by using a secure smartphone app

Cyber security

Every time you leave your home you lock the door behind you. It happens totally automatically, without having to think about it.

To create cyber secure societies we need to make cyber security a natural and seamless part of everyday life.

How could we make taking care of cyber security even easier than locking your front door? 

Our goal is to create herd immunity against vulnerabilities in cyber security.
Kimmo Halunen

In the future, Finland will have the world’s most trusted digital business and cybersecurity know-how.

The cyber secure society will inherently develop trustworthy platforms and services. It will also proactively prevent cyber security attacks against products & services, communication systems and industrial operations.

Our approach

In 2027, 30 percent of the world's smart devices will use information security solutions developed by VTT. VTT supports companies in designing and developing trustworthy technology and services and ensuring the implementation of sufficient security measures at all phases in the development, deployment and testing processes.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Seamless security

Secure communications networks

Critical infrastructure protection

Cyber secure society