An aerial shot of an icebreaker ship going through ice in arctic conditions

Autonomous systems

In the future we might see ourselves working, collaborating and making decisions with the help of machines.

Automation will also take over in production in the industrial sector. This means that machines and vehicles can work without a human.

To make that happen we need to make sure autonomous systems are safe and reliable. 

Technology can create commercial benefit and common good at the same time.
Heli Helaakoski

We make autonomous systems in a safe and reliable way, while providing significant value and business possibilities for industries at sea, on land, in the air and in the digital world.

In 2030, industrial sites can function without a human. Ports will operate safely and securely with the aid of automation. 

Our approach

We need partner companies to build and pilot the autonomous logistics and transport of the future. With VTT you will be at the forefront of developing secure autonomous systems.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Autonomy promises to do things that could not be done before, and to make existing operations safer or more efficient.

Safety is key. Autonomous systems can only provide business and operational benefits if they are safe and secure.

Autonomous transformation will bring along operational, design, legal, ethical and moral issues.

The most significant change in the future for all of us is automated transportation. At work, mobile machinery will revolutionise the whole industry sector.