A blurry photo of a woman riding a bike past a vertical farm wall

Re-birth of production

Imagine you wanted to buy a bike.

What kind of wheels or handlebars do you prefer? Do you want your bike today or tomorrow?

Customers today are not satisfied with mass-produced things of unknown origin. They want to choose, and they don’t want to wait.

This means production is de-centralizing, becoming more customized and coming closer.  

Digitalisation together with circular economy can change entire manufacturing businesses and the way that future products will be made.
Riikka Virkkunen

In the future, production is agile and efficient, uses recycled materials and does not waste resources.

Finland will become a frontrunner in next generation manufacturing where manufacturing adjusts to future market needs efficiently, and customized products can be produced with mass production efficiency.

Our approach

Join VTT to renew traditional manufacturing industry and to generate new exports industry with the help of radical production innovations.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Realisation of circular economy will fundamentally affect prospects for manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing for needs aims at ultra-flexible production systems that are able to respond to individual needs of the customer and foresee future markets.

Optimization of real-time supply chains requires efficient data sharing through digital platforms.

Can the customer ultimately be the producer?