A man is lifting á round piece of ice and looking through it in a forest

Low-carbon industry

Large industries can make a big difference when it comes to carbon emissions.

Think of concrete: it is the most commonly used construction material, used everywhere from high rises to motorways and new bridges.

Producing all that concrete in a climate neutral way will mean a huge leap towards reaching climate goals.

Then it’s time to do the same to steel, chemicals and plastics.

Low-carbon industry is the key to a low-carbon world.
Ilkka Hannula

We want to use fossil-free heat to achieve rapid and deep decarbonisation. Bioenergy should be used to support industrial electrification. We also need industrial electrification to support the integration of renewables.

Our approach

VTT’s near-term focus is on technologies that minimise emissions from concrete manufacturing. In the longer term we are developing industrial electrification and solutions that combine cost competitiveness and scalability.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

The Paris Agreement goals cannot be met without low-carbon industry. 

Rethinking steel and concrete is the key to global impact. 

Fossil-free heat is a low-hanging fruit in decarbonisation.

Combining bioenergy and electricity is a route to rapid scale-up.