One person is using a tablet and another is using VR glasses

Disruption of work

The invention of the conveyor belt didn’t mean death to manufacturing jobs. It just changed them.

Now automatization, AI and robotics are changing work once again.

In order to make sure this leads to better working life we need to take the change by the horns, not just submit to it.

We need to take a proactive role in creating a sustainable and desirable future.
Mika Nieminen

In the future, companies, organizations and the public sector will make more knowledge-based decisions. By focusing on the opportunities and challenges within AI, platform economies and agile workforces, we’ll achieve increased wellbeing at work and a more sustainable society.

Our approach

Both the public sector and private business will be able to make decisions based on management flight simulators developed by VTT. Partner up with us to get access to tools for managing the disruption of work and for guiding society towards a sustainable and desirable future.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

Attitude: taking a proactive role in creating a sustainable future instead of having to adapt to a society we have had no role in shaping to our liking.

The displacement of work caused by automation, AI and robotics, will significantly increase need for re-educating our workforce, impact income distribution and gender gaps.

Meeting global trends with national and international policies.

Policy-makers, business, and workers need to respond to new forms of agility in organizations such as increased precarisation and the gig economy, and work defined by complex interactions of temporary groups of workers.