Windmills in lush green landscape

Low-carbon energy

Imagine if all the money we invest in energy went into low carbon energy. Or better yet, into technologies that actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while producing new power.

Wild, but closer to reality than you think. We are facing an energy transition that has to happen on all levels at the same time, and it has to happen fast. 

Decarbonizing primary energy is key in combating climate change.
Eemeli Tsupari

By 2030, all new energy investments will be based on low carbon technologies. Investments in solar and wind energy will be accelerated, which will enable cheap electricity to replace fossil fuels in industry and transport.

By then will have a commercial operator in Finland converting intermittent electricity into storable hydrocarbons on a large scale. We will also have demonstrated a local energy system simultaneously removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing energy in Finland. 

Our approach

Join us to demonstrate full value chains of these systems. VTT already operates two types of electrolysis, conversions of hydrogen to fuels and several bioenergy based pilot plants. We also offer plenty of cooperation opportunities for making wind and solar energy solutions economically competitive in different applications.

These are the cornerstones of our approach: 

Drastic change in the efficiency of energy use and reuse. 

Decarbonisation of primary energy, starting from the electricity sector, followed by heating, transport and industry.

Accelerating a massive, yet smooth and resilient transition to cost efficient clean energy.

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere.