Lots of people walking down a busy city street

Energy intelligence

Could I become an energy producer instead of just an energy consumer? Soon we could all be both.

More and more people will become something called prosumers who will not only produce their own energy but also share it with neighbours or pump it onto the market. 

Everyone has the right to be a part of a clean energy system.
Kari Mäki

No one will suffer from energy poverty in the future. In 2030 our energy system will be a dynamic combination of all systems, binding together all energy resources and networks. It will provide clean, reliable and cost-effective energy for all. 

Our approach

We need to create a smart energy system that is based on sustainability, reliability and affordability. With VTT you will be able to build clean and equal energy systems, whether you are in industry, research or city planning.

These are the cornerstones of our approach:

The energy system becomes more distributed with more actors and components on multiple levels.

The system will become more dynamic and it will operate more in real time. Flexibility will be needed on all levels.

Individual customers will be more involved in their daily energy use. Everyone will have the opportunity to get into the energy business.

Energy storages everywhere: storage units will become more efficient and cheaper, which means they will be used on all system levels.