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Our heat-on-demand solutions improve energy efficiency and increase living comfort. Electrical heating elements in surface materials allow to control the temperature whenever and wherever needed.

The biggest share of household energy consumption goes to heating living spaces – in EU, 64% and in the USA, 43%. The electrification of heating is a strong emerging market trend, driven by global sustainability targets and increasing governmental incentives and mandates, such as European Commission’s “Fit for 55” program. 

Our unique technology brings electrical heating elements inside of large surface area devices. These electrical heating surfaces are controllable, programmable, and cost-effective to produce and use. They can be seamlessly integrated inside a wide range of building and interior design materials, such as floorings, furniture, curtains, mats, and decorative elements. 

Our solution has great potential as a widely scalable means to provide electrically produced radiated heating to smart living spaces. Rapid feedback heat-on-demand functionality reduces costs and increases comfort. Our solutions are aimed at interior designers and architects, as well as building material and furniture suppliers. Other applications include heating in healthcare or electric vehicles and deicing of windmill blades.

We are aiming for high global impact in energy efficiency and sustainable heating. The solution has great market potential in the rapidly growing 5.6 billion USD underflooring market and the 4.8 billion USD flexible heater market. 

Technology production has been proven in industrial scale equipment. The company will kick-off in the beginning of 2022, seed round financing is aimed for January 2022 and investor dialog is on-going. First product releases, client non-recurring engineering project deliveries and market trials are scheduled for 2022. 

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