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SemiQon intends to build Quantum processors from semiconductors and target the million qubit era, with SCALABILITY promise.

SemiQon develops scalable quantum processing units, built from semiconductor quantum-dot qubits, and cryogenic ultra-low dissipation CMOS hardware for quantum computing. It builds upon the world’s first demonstration of monolithically integrated on-chip quasi-dissipationless cryogenic multiplexers based on custom CMOS process and ultra-low-noise quantum dot-based devices by VTT [[2208.12131] Scalable on-chip multiplexing of low-noise silicon electron and hole quantum dots (]. Using the same process to fabricate both qubits and CMOS circuits on the same chip, the ultra-low-charge-noise background of quantum-dot devices at relatively higher temperatures, above 1 K, was demonstrated and forms the basis for the ambition of the company.

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