Photo of a lab scientist handling a sample with a pipette and petri dish in their hands

Accelerating Point-of-Need Testing. When the state-of-art Lateral Flow Test is not enough - SAFTIR is a potential solution!

SAFTIR is a novel portable point-of-need diagnostics platform for rapid test assays developed by VTT. The SAFTIR utilizes simultaneously both the total internal reflection (TIR) excitation and supercritical angle fluorescence (SAF) detection principles. This unique and patented surface-bound fluorescence detection principle enables high sensitivity and fast response time with an outstanding accuracy.

SAFTIR team has developed the technology since 2018 for demanding agricultural applications. Mycotoxins are a global threat for all plant based food and  cause 8 B$ annual loss in grain farming in EU and USA. SAFTIR technology enables farmer to test low mycotoxin contaminations from the harvested grains - within a minute - in the field - cost-effectively and reliably - and to avoid harvest loss.

SAFTIR team is developing the reader device and test strip platform for the mycotoxin test market. 

We are looking for investors and strategic partners to let us take a leap forward and make this DeepTech a commercial success for all parties.

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