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Novel industrial scale technology to turn low value plastic waste with very high yield to high value virgin quality plastics.

Plastic waste is an universal problem, which is recognized by consumers and demanding brand owners. Brand owners urge for new sources of raw material to produce their sustainable low carbon products. Plastic waste is a very potential but poorly utilized feedstock. The challenge is to effectively recycle plastic waste in large scale back to plastic raw materials.

Olefy is a chemical recycling technology for plastics. The technology is a one-step very high yield chemical conversion of plastic wastes back to plastics and recycled chemicals. It enables recycling of even low quality plastic waste to virgin grade plastic raw materials that can be used for the most demanding applications such as food and pharmaceutical packaging. With the technology even plastic waste with organic or inorganic contaminants can be recycled.

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The science-based incubator VTT LaunchPad delivers VTT’s strategy to renew industries and society by spinning off companies built on VTT’s technologies. In the incubator, we bring VTT researchers and IPR together with the best business minds and investors out there.

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