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We protect your privacy. Whether it’s screens of your electronic devices or windows of your apartment, our on-demand activated privacy filters protects your privacy from unwanted views and visual hacking.

What we do

Our portfolio composes of novel privacy protectors. All of our privacy protectors are active meaning that you can set privacy features on and off based on your need with a push of a button. Our privacy protectors falls in to two category:
1) privacy protectors for electronics displays 
2) privacy protectors for windows

First product segment belongs to market of privacy filters, which is currently ca. 500 million USD market with CAGR of 17.54% over next five years. The second product category belongs to smart window market segment which size is currently ca. 800 million USD with CAGR of 25% over next five years.

In both of the markets, our products have exclusive competitive advantage, which in the case of privacy filter is active system, which is suitable for all display technologies. Currently passive filters dominate the market and there exists only couple of active filters, which have limited suitability for displays. Despite of current market situation active filter segment is forecasted to grow rapidly due to the outstanding user comfort.

In the case of smart windows, our solution is the only one providing one directional view. Unlike the other smart windows, which functions as electrical blinders, our solution blocks the view to one direction and allow the view to second direction. Our solution is cost and energy efficient way to protect privacy and it has also thermal shielding functionality.

We aim to establish start-up in the first half off the next year (2021) and we are currently looking for advisors, collaborators, and investors.

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