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Digitalisation in Finnish clothing and textile industry


​Roadmap for boosting the international growth of Finnish clothing and textile industry

Part 1: Potential of digital transformation for Finnish clothing and textile industry

Digital transformation related to Finnish clothing and textile industry are examined through the study conducted in the DICI project. Besides review of the current literature and available services, data was collected from textile and clothing companies through the online questionnaire and interviews. Collected data was analysed for studying the current situation, challenges, opportunities and future visions of the Finnish companies regarding digital solutions and consequently deepen our understanding of the potential of digital transformation in the Finnish clothing and textile industry.

A wide range of different types of companies from that sector participated in the study. Based on the results the aim is to identify the impacts of digitalisation and new business opportunities specifically suitable for Finnish industry and present a roadmap that can be utilised by companies for planning the next steps on their path to digitalisation. This document presents results of the study from the first project period.



​​Satu-Marja Mäkelä
Senior Scientist, Project Manager
+358 408481229


Juha Häikiö
Research Scientist
+358 400174310