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Digital maternity package concept



The digital maternity package is designed to collect reliable health information into a single user interface from various smart devices, electronic services and guides. The concept is aimed at alleviating concerns about the wellbeing of mothers and babies, making everyday life easier for families. It may also help to make the health care system more efficient, for example by making it easier to monitor pregnancies or a baby's development at home and by using digital services.

Some of the solutions presented in VTT's video have already been realised, while others are under development. Smart soother and bed sensor can be used to detect for example baby's sleeping patterns and changes in the air temperature. – a service for parents in Finland – presents child's growth information in contrast comparison to national average norms which are based on the latest research results of child growth data.

The digital maternity package is an example of how digital services and the Internet of Things can become an increasingly visible part of the everyday life of consumers and society at large. Digital services such as the maternity package under development can help make healthcare more efficient and increase its impact.