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Development and industry roll-out of cyber security


Customers / Partners: National Emergency Supply Agency, Nordic LAN&WAN Communication Oy, Prosys PMS Oy, Nixu Corporation, Insta DefSec Oy, Schneider Electric Finland Oy, Neste CorporationHelen and City of Helsinki



iStock_000014945502_Large.jpgVarious types of automation are being implemented at an accelerating pace within a range of environments critical to security of supply, from manufacturing to transport and housing. To manage fast-growing information security risks, industrial enterprises will need to deploy cyber security widely in their automated production. A cyber security breach could easily cause millions of euros of damage in terms of lost production alone. In addition, damaged equipment, environmental contamination and personal injuries could occur. The problem could affect the whole of society at worst.



Due to the results of and testing performed in the KYBER-TEO project led by VTT, manufacturers now find it easier to acquire cyber-secure automation systems, while developing their own concepts, guidelines and practices to ensure cyber security and continuity. VTT's Cyber War Room helped its partners to develop managed and authentic cyber-security testing, as well as cyber-security drills for transfer to the customer, such as familiarisation with the attacker’s mindset and identifying and protecting oneself from attacks. As part of the overall project, a small-scale, online cooperation forum on automation-system cyber security was developed. Such a forum would be desirable as a way of deepening confidential communication in the future.



Companies will be better able to protect themselves from potential cyber threats and will learn to detect system vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Service companies can now provide manufacturers with more-tailored cyber security services. The results will also support the activities of organisations covered by the security of supply principle.