How to reach VTT Tampere and hotels nearby


​VTT Tampere is situated about 180 km from Helsinki.

Transport connections from Helsinki to Tampere

  • Less than two hours by train (VR timetable), train tickets 30-50 € (single) or by car from Helsinki (~180 km)
  • Accessible by air (connections via Helsinki and Stockholm by Finnair, SAS or Norwegian)


Transport connections from Tampere - Pirkkala airport to Tampere city centre 17 km

    • Bus line no 1A (frequency 1-2 per hour, bus stop number 7035)
    • Taxi (booking can be done in advance or from airport) ~ 40 € (depending on amount of travellers and number of passengers, advance booking costs some extra)
    • Airport taxi (booking needed in advance) – fixed price 19 € per person (2018), From Airport to Hervanta 23 km
    • Taxi (booking preferably in advance) ~ 50 €


Transport connections from Tampere city centre to VTT, Hervanta

Hervanta is connected with Tampere city centre via several bus lines with frequent service and bus stop close to Hervanta mall (Hervantakeskus / Kauppakeskus Duo) and our meeting venue. Time tables, journey planner and other information in English can be found from

List of hotels in Tampere:

Sokos hotels

Scandic hotels

Lapland Hotel




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