How to reach VTT Kajaani and hotels nearby


​VTT Kajaani is situated appr. 560 km from Helsinki.

Kajaani airport is located appr. 10 km (10 min.) from VTT Kajaani. 

Transport connections from Kajaani airport to Kajaani centre

  • Taxi (appr. 20 min., price appr. 30 €)
  • Airbus (appr. 30 min., price appr. 5,50 €) 
  • Bus no 4 (price: appr. 4 € in cash only)


Transport connections from Kajaani airport to VTT Kajaani

  • Taxi (appr. 15 min., price appr. 25 €, orders in advance)


Transport connections from Kajaani centre to VTT Kajaani

  • Taxi (appr. 5 min., price appr. 15 €)
  • Bus line 7 (price: appr. 4 € in cash only) runs from the centre closer to VTT Kajaani (leave the bus at a bus stop in the junction of Makkolankatu street and Kopsankatu street, and walk appr. 400 m to VTT on Tehdaskatu street). Please check all timetables and routes HERE


Hotels in Kajaani:



Due to regional guarding, please contact Petri Koponen before arrival.

Please visit The City of Kajaani web pages for further information about Kajaani.

Tel.+358 20 722 7070
Opening hours Mon - Fri 9:00 - 11:00 and 12:00 - 15:00, UTC +3 time zone