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How to reach VTT Kajaani and hotels nearby


​VTT Kajaani is situated appr. 560 km from Helsinki.

Kajaani airport is located appr. 10 km (10 min.) from VTT Kajaani. 

Transport connections from Kajaani airport to Kajaani centre

  • Taxi (appr. 20 min., price appr. 30 €)
  • Airbus (appr. 30 min., price appr. 5,50 €) 
  • Bus no 4 (price: appr. 4 € in cash only)


Transport connections from Kajaani airport to VTT Kajaani

  • Taxi (appr. 15 min., price appr. 25 €, orders in advance)


Transport connections from Kajaani centre to VTT Kajaani

  • Taxi (appr. 5 min., price appr. 15 €)
  • Bus line 7 (price: appr. 4 € in cash only) runs from the centre closer to VTT Kajaani (leave the bus at a bus stop in the junction of Makkolankatu street and Kopsankatu street, and walk appr. 400 m to VTT on Tehdaskatu street). Please check all timetables and routes HERE 


Taxi orders

Taxi services can be ordered through taxi companies’ own order channels. In Kajaani: e.g. Taksi Kajaani.

You can order a taxi in advance and check the rates before the journey begins. It’s also possible to order a taxi for instance with a free Valopilkku app.

Parking and arriving to VTT Kajaani

VTT Kajaani is located on Renforsin Ranta business area in building no 9 (see the map). It is possible to access the area by car or on foot by registering at the info point in Portti building no 15 for guest tags and instructions for moving around the area.

Due to area survellaince, please contact Petri Koponen  before arrival. Guests arriving unannounced should contact the info point at the Portti building no 15 (see the map) for further instructions.

There’s free parking in front of VTT and as marked on the map (P1 and P2).

You can move around the business area if you have a guest tag.


Hotels in Kajaani:



Due to regional guarding, please contact Petri Koponen before arrival.

Please visit The City of Kajaani web pages for further information about Kajaani.