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Commercial autonomous shipping vision planning and human-factors research


Customers / Partners: Rolls-Royce Marine Oy Ab



Commercial autonomous shipping does not exist, yet basic understanding on challenges and opportunities would be needed for consideration of how the ships would be monitored and operated in shore-based control centres.



iStock_000014945502_Large.jpgVTT did background research and basic ideation for autonomous ship operations. We mapped together with TAUCHI (University of Tampere) and Rolls-Royce Marine Oy Ab the challenges in autonomous operations by considering the existing experiences in various fields of application, such as, space operations, mining and aviation. This knowledge, along with understanding of the interaction technology trends in teleoperation and monitoring, were applied in collaborative concept ideation. 



  • Basic understanding for developing autonomous ship operations
  • Concrete ideas for the control centre environment in which the future unmanned ships would be monitored and operated
  • Public presentation of the results in a concept video and conference proceeding for stirring discussion among the maritime domain