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Business areas

VTT Review 2016


The key R&D aims of our business area are applications – which involve the versatile exploitation of digitalisation – for industry, healthcare and intelligent environments. In these sectors, we operate globally in collaboration with Finnish and international companies and research institutes. Our services and expertise cover the entire technology chain ‘from silicon to cloud’, from micro-electronics to digital services.

We focus on sensors and measuring systems, telecommunications for critical infrastructure, cyber security, analysis methods for large data volumes, and innovative manufacturing technologies for nano, micro and printed electronics. Key application areas include the industrial internet, diagnostics, health technology and the digitalisation of society.

The aim of metrology research is new, customer-driven measurement and traceability solutions meeting the needs of industry, research and societal decision-making. We champion a market-oriented, 'from research into business' model.


Our goal is to create a new competitive edge by producing smart solutions for industry and energy systems. We are boosting the prospects of manufacturing industry by developing new industrial innovation ecosystems and solutions based on the industrial internet. Parallel development of technology and business models is a key element in our R&D.

To promote the restructuring of the manufacturing sector, we develop new materials, design and simulation methods, and manufacturing automation solutions. We create low-carbon and intelligent solutions for energy production, transmission, distribution and use. A major international research theme is intelligent transport; we are studying this area in partnership with device manufacturers, route planners and service providers. Our services are based on our strong material and modelling competencies and our understanding of industrial operations and the social infrastructure.  


Our business area focuses on the sustainable use of Finland's key natural resources. We create solutions for the circular economy and cleantech sector in particular, by developing value-adding products, resource-efficient technologies and process management.

Our operations are based on our strong expertise in biotechnology and food technology, thermochemical processes, biomaterials and chemical technology. Our research and development services are complemented by a wide range of pilot facilities, strong modelling expertise and the techno-economic and environmental impact assessment of processes and production concepts.

With regard to the future, we are particularly interested in value-adding cellulose products, new circular economy technologies and business concepts, the use of carbon dioxide as a raw material, and the digital revolution in the food chain.