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Fibre spinning facilities


Textile fibre processing

​VTTs versatile facilities and skilled personnel enable effective development and scale-up of new textile fibre processing technologies and concepts. Demand for textile fibres is increasing constantly. Majority (>90%) of all the fibres are either oil- or cotton- based, which both have serious drawbacks in sustainability. We have high readiness to develop fibre manufacturing processes from renewable and/or recycled raw materials, and to produce fibres for application tests.

We have developed technology for manufacturing regenerated cellulosic fibres from recycled cotton-based material. The method is based on carbamation of purified raw material, and it is demonstrated by producing fibres in Bioruukki’s pilot wet spinning line. The fibres were further processed to textiles. The technology is suitable for producing viscose-type fibres.

From research to industrial success

Major part of our activities is related to utilising renewable and recycled materials for textile fibre processes. We are able to carry out laboratory- and pilot-scale trials with our test facilities and world-class process and material expertise.  We are also involved in several EU funded research projects in textile fibre area. Within the EAKR-TeKiDe project we have developed our unique fibre spinning pilot facility. In EU-NeoCel project we will scale up the enzyme-aided fibre production technology (Biocelsol) and produce fibres with our pilot line.

World-class knowhow and unique facilities

Facilities in VTT´s Bioruukki offer unique platform for developing new technologies and demonstrating them in large scale. Our test facilities enable us to produce fibres at wide range; capacity of our laboratory wet spinning machine is from 1g to 1000g and that of pilot line up to 100 kg per day. With the laboratory machine we are able to produce also viscose fibres.


For more information about what we can offer in the field of textile fibre production, please contact us directly!